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Woodsong Naturals

A Farm Family

Bob Wood was interested in international issues and poverty as a young teen.  After receiving his BS in Crop and Soils Environmental Science from Virginia Tech, Bob completed his MS in Forages and Agroforestry.  He worked in agricultural development with war refugees in Belize and  Brazil, as well as consulting work in Egypt and Asia.   In  his last year of graduate school, the events of 9/11 changed  his career plans to work in Afghanistan.

Bob, Neila (his wife),and 4 young sons, returned to the Richmond area, and purchased an old farm tract in Caroline County, VA.  They owner-built their home, and began expanding both the farm and family.  In 2019,  Bob was able to leave his off-farm job, and together with his family, began farming full time.

Woodsong Philosophy

Soils are complex living organisms.  Did you know that the amount of life in a teaspoon of  Virginia forest soil is greater  than the number of people on the planet?  (source)   The care and nourishment of  life below the ground  is the foundation of all Woodsong farming activities above the ground.  We feed our soils as they  feed us and employ the use of cover crops, legumes, woodchips, minimum and no tillage practices, as well as other natural organic amendments to invest in our soils.  We do not use synthetic fertilizers or herbicides.  In turn, this soil bio-life returns  sustainable dividends and nutrient-dense food for our families.

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